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Dianne Wall is a recording artist, music therapist, music educator, and motivational speaker from Winter Springs, Florida.  She earned a Masters of Music Therapy degree from Florida State University.  She has been a featured soloist in Europe and across the United States.

     In addition to serving as a Music Therapist for 10 years in area schools, Dianne has also served as a Church Director of Music and as the Music Director for local community theater.

     A professional recording artist, she released an inspirational CD Touched by the Light in 2000, which includes one of her own compositions, "Mary's Song".  

     In her writing, as in her motivational speaking presentation titled "Music Therapy, Miracles, and Me," Dianne incorporates her own life experience being born with polio and now living with Post Polio Syndrome in her Memoir, Somebody Told Me I Could.  She gives her personal story of how music therapy along with her faith gave her the strength and direction she has depended on throughout her entire life.  She loves to share her "can do" attitude with others, hoping it inspires many to go out and make a difference.